Mumble is a free voice-over-IP application that allows people to communicate in real-time using high quality audio.  It is far superior to in-game chat and is used by Insurgents Must Die to maximize the quality of our experience and reduce fatalities from delayed communications.  In order to install Mumble please follow the directions below.

1. Download and install Mumble

1.1. Visit and download the latest version of Mumble for your operating system.  Save it to a location you’ll remember.

1.2. Shutdown any unnecessary applications (have as few applications running as you can).  Otherwise you may need to reboot.

1.3. Run the Mumble install file and follow the instructions on screen.  You only need to install the Mumble client.

1.4. Start Mumble for the first time.

1.5. Run the Audio Wizard to make sure your input, output and other settings work well for your audio configuration.  Make sure the right input and output devices are selected for your microphone and listening device (headphones or speakers).

2. Configure Push-to-Talk voicemumble

2.1. In the menu go to Configure -> Settings.

2.2. Then go to Audio Input -> Transmit, and select “Push-to-Talk”.

2.3. After that go to Shortcuts.  First select the function (under the label Function) under the left column and drag it down to “Push-to-Talk.”

2.4. Then find the Shortcut column on the right side.  Click under it to have the Shortcut input box labeled “Press Shortcut” open.  Click the key on your mouse or keyboard that you want to use to talk.  Don’t use the same key that you use in game unless you disable in-game voice.

2.5. Push your designated talk button and do a mic check. You may need to fine tune your levels and network settings if you get choppy performance or jitter.

3. Log on to our Mumble server

3.1. Open the program and go to Server -> Connect > Add New.

3.2. Then configure the client to use the I/M/D Mumble Server.

• Label: We suggest “Insurgents Must Die Mumble”.
• Address:
• Port: 6666
• Username: Type your desired Mumble nickname here *
• Password: **

3.3. Connect to the Insurgents Must Die Mumble server and join one of the active channels (but please do not interrupt a game in progress if you are not an active player).

If you have completed these steps and continue to experience trouble, please ask another player that uses Mumble for assistance.

* Names: No spaces or non-letter characters will be accepted by the server.

** Password: Ask an administrator or moderator of I/M/D for current information.