Insurgents Must Die is a volunteer-operated Steam gaming community focused on the tactical shooter Insurgency. It is easily one of the best military FPS to have come out in the last 10 years.

I/M/D Rules

1: Keep gameplay friendly. We don’t care about cursing, but no racism, sexism or other hate speech.

2: Work as a team. That’s what the game is about. It’s hard to win if people are on their own doing something else.

3: Play to have fun! We don’t want to take this too seriously and start getting ragey. Let’s keep it light spirited.

4: We strongly encourage members to use Mumble.


We think a good game means having a blast with friends. Insurgents Must Die is all about keeping things fair and making sure everyone enjoys their experience with us.

Our members play co-op regularly, we work on strategy and develop solid teamwork as a whole. The group is invite only so members are welcome to invite friends that play who they feel would be a good addition.

If you play Insurgency regularly and are a team player then consider joining us. Once we hear from you we will make contact about joining the group and sending you an invite, as well as our mumble password.

Good luck and have fun!